Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monthly TGIF ~ staff makan-makan

Every month my working place will organize monthly TGIF makan-makan session for all the staff. For month of March, we had the healthy theme. But look at the food, i don't think is healthy for me as well. Hahaha..
This month the activity been organized by Sales & Marketing, they required us to wear sport attire whereby i dun give a damn, just walked in the hall grabbed my food and sat there enjoy their performance. LOL~
I'm a lazy lass, i dun really enjoy playing sports, so the exercise session can 'minus' me out from there.
Look at those people participated the games, make me laugh non stop. I bet you will puke out the water as well. :P
Well, i kinda enjoy the makan-makan session, of coz i love food!! :P

The winner of the month!! Fastest rolled up the mummy...
Sauteed potato
Tandoori chicken
Half done mummies..^-^
Fruits cocktail
Caesar salad counter~DIY~
Some malay kuih
Finger sandwiches
My delicious caesar salad! Slurpy!~

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