Monday, April 23, 2007

Melaka here i come!!

Last saturday, whole bunch of us went to Melaka day trip! Andrew, Sammie, Stacy, Gary, Maverick, Jason, Ocean, Sylvia, Shaz, Jack, Paul & myself...
We drove down with 3 cars in the early morning, we departed after 6.30am, reached there about 8.30am for breakfast. Since it was bit early, most of the shops still not open yet, thus we settled our breakfast at one of the mamak shop. The mamak food not really taste good (not up to my standard), but heck, who care? coz i just need some food to fill my starving stomach. :P
Shaz's friends, Orange & May were so kind became our tour guide of the day. Actually we had a few tour guides..hehee...very 'hanfook' leh...^-^ Mav suppose to be one of the tour guide, since there are few, he can simply ' retired' first. *evil grin* Oh yeah, his sweet god sister, Shin we met up at museum who accompanied us for the trip together. It's so nice to meet up new & nice friends. \(^-^) /
We went to Jonker street and visited museum...I tell you, you gonna to sweat (free sauna) and walk alot!! and eat non stop coz we wanna to try out the yummy food there!!

Stacy snapped my baby car on the road ^-^
the little fountain @ road side
@ breakfast, mamak shop
Mav, Jo & Gary
(the double mak...:P)
snapped in front of the chicken rice ball shop
Group picture @ museum entrance
Sylvia snapped this nice piece of art
nice view huh?

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