Monday, April 09, 2007

2nd round of BengBeng's B'day Celebration

We celebrated BH's Belated Birthday @ Swensen, SS2 (what?again?2nd time celebration!! :P~) which organized by Sylvia meimei. TQ meimei!!~~hugs~~
I, Stacy & Maverick were the earlist peep reached there, we just flipped on da menu to order our food, i was damn hungry, whole day didnt eat yet. After we placed our order, Adrian came with the yummy b'day cake!! Sylvia ordered the chocolate mousse cake from Adrian's brother, i tell you, it's homemade with 'real' original ingredients, 4 layers of rich chocolate cake!! Then, Sylvia & Sammie came in and we moved to upstair and had our own private space there. Oh yeah, i bet you can't imagine how noisy we are...:p Benghan came bit later to join us, the birthday boy finally came. ^-^ Mikel, Tony & Jason were came very de late...alas, we start camwhore... After quick dinner, we presented the huge b'day cake to Benghan with special candles on top (Sylvia bought the fireworks candles), he was so happy. oh yeah...Sylvia also let Benghan's wear a cute blacky eye mask (remember Zoro da hero??), BH was busy posing for camwhore. hehehehe....He was the 'star' of the day, everyone camera was focusing on him. We sang different version of B'day song for BH, english...malay..chinese...but duno how to sing japanese & indian one...:P It was absolutely fun!!
Benghan was so kind, cut the cake and 'distributed' to us. :P very de big piece!1 OMG! I've forced myself to finish the big piece of cake. Utterly D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!
Sylvia told me she has a devil thought, let's paste the cake on BH's face. I started the cake war...tee-hee...:p i scoped the cake with my fork and i was chasing Jason try hard to put the cake on his face...till to BH's seat...BH ran away as well, we just like 'orang gila' chasing and running around the table.. Finally i manage to complete my mission that pasted cake on BH's face. hehehehe....hurray!!!
After settling the bill (mind you that Swensen missed out some item charges), some wanna to make a move back home, balance few of us (Sylvia, Sammie, Jason, Maverick & i) still wanna grab a drink. Since the night still young,We went to a cafe called 'Shall we meet?" had a drink and had some laugh & chit chating.
Phew!! Benghan's Birthday batch was AWESOME!! TQ Sylvia and everyone who attend together!! But, Swensen's food kinda a big disappointment. -___- mind you, only go there for ice cream & salad, other than that, don't take risk to try! :P

Adrian with funny act...who you want to poke? :p
My chicken salad
Black rose pose..:P
ops...the notty stitch is behind me...
B'day boy with his big 'heavenly' cake
Muaks...B'day boy
Pistachio nut mango ice cream cone
Group picture @ Swensen
(L-R)Maverick, Jo,Tony, Mikel, Stacy, BH, Adrian, Sammie, Sylvia & Jason
Yayy!! Girl's power!!
Sammie, Stacy, Sylvia & Jo
Just 4 of us!!

Ciak!~~~What cha doing?
@ Shall we meet cafe
Busy Jason Mashi & Stitch Mav ^-^
Ops..whose finger was that?
2 Notty creatures
Yes! We fight! fight like no tomorow...
Just for the cake & fork...hahaha

Hey! you're fired!! woof!
Guess whose back side huh?
Tony & Jo @ Swensen
Maverick aka Stitch
My buddy in crime...Laugh out loud~~ ^-^
Adorable Stacy & chubby Jo :p

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