Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh la la!!

Oh la la!! Do you love snack??
I do!! Can't resist of Snacks!!
Last night my friend, Lynne just back from Taiwan, she bought me some adorable & yummy TAIWANESE SNACKS!!! OH MY GOD!! killing me softly...~slurp~
on top of it, she bought me gifts sweet of her...i feel so honour loh....*melting*

Pineapple short cake
Do you ever see 'Shit' chocolate?
prawn potato cracker
Black egg `pi tan' *some kind of century egg look* very springy bite...
so cute & colourful candies..
Guess what's inside there??
Tah -lah!!~~~ one mickey mouse head oh...^-^
I love this...yes!! Pigglet ear ring...
glutinous candy with filling...

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