Wednesday, April 04, 2007

BengBeng's Birthday!!

040407 is Benghan's Big Day!! YES! It's you!! Don't look around! Happy Birthday to you, Bengbeng!
Last Saturday we threw a small birthday batch for him @ Mid valley (celebrate his b'day in advance). I went MV early to meet up with Stacy, we did some shopping and bought a little cake for BH. Afterall, we met up Jason , we were craving for laksa, but what a big disappointment after we Q up in Jaya Jusco, their assam laksa was sold out !! -___- aww.... Then we moved to little penang for quick dinner, of coz i had my favourite assam laksa while we were waiting for BH.
Filled up our stomach, BH, Gary & Adrian just reached there, we changed venue to KimGary cafe and met up Kopi and gangs. A group of 10 of us, pili pala zi zi zam zam there, very noisy.
After dinner, we proudly presented the b'day cake to BH and we sang b'day song for him!! of coz never forget of camwhore session... flash..snap...all happy cheerio faces. ^-^
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you once again!!
What's so interesting? till attracted BH to pay attention on the piece of paper? :P
Small little tiramisu birthday cake for BH
Group picture!!
(L-R) Kopi, Stacy, BH, Gary, Jo, Adrian & Jason
Birthday boy & Birthday cake!!
Just 3 of us!!
Both of us in RED!!
don't be notty, if not i gonna POKE u!!
OMG! i kena curi snapped by someone
Red ppl were busy with phone...:P

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Jaeboy said...

happy birthday to bembem and did joann lose weight?