Monday, January 01, 2007

Yong's wedding @ Nikko Hotel

Today is Yong's big day!! He's tying knot with his beloved one at Nikko hotel!!
Lynne, Anna, Rachel, Nai Shin & I went there for his wedding dinner. The event decoration kinda tradionational chinese style with all red colour. :P
The food nothing fancy, pretty much similar with other hotels' food. The server will serve & portioning the food for all of us, we just sat there indulge ourselves with the delicious food, sipping red wine, enjoy the 3 pcs bang music and had a good laugh together.
Finally we had chance to meet Yong's wife, she is petite & pretty, no wonder he can fall in love with her with love at the 1st sight. Wow! It sounds so fairy tale. Congratulations again to both of them!!

The ball room with chinese set up for approximate 600 pax

Lovely ice carving
Me @ Nikko's washroom
Me !! before step out to wedding dinner

Anna & Nai shin
@ the entrance...flower arch
Rose flower stand
Lynne & Jo
cute little cake box
Flower ctr piece
Flower stand with candles
chinese table setup
VIP table
Wedding cake & stage

Dinner Menu

Four seasons hot & cold combination
(stir fried scallops with bell pepper, stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and dried chilli, crab meat ball , baby octopus)

Braised shark's fin with bluesea crabmeat

Deep fried boneless almond chicken with lime & lemon dip

Deep fried tiger prawns in vietnamese sauce

Braised broccoli, sea cucumber and sea moss with sea asparagus

Steamed coral trout with superior soya sauce & sliced ginger

Fried rice with crabmeat and shrimps

Sweetened red bean puree roll with dried lotus seeds

Baked chinese pancake

Chinese tea

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