Monday, January 22, 2007

Trip to Langkawi~Cari Makan & Shopping

Stacy, Chris & i walked to the nearest restaurant had our dinner,food taste not bad. After that we start hunting for chocolate, alcohol drinks (liquor,beer, wines) on the street. We were so thrilled to step into duty free shop, the liquor are cheap, chocolates are cheap!!!!! I bought 1 bottle of DOM for my papa, 1 btl of kahlua & 1 btl of absolut vodka for myself. We grabbed lots of chocolates too! yum yum!
Salted vege tofu soup
sweet & sour pork 'ku low yoke'

Black pepper venison
iceberg lettuce with garlic
Christopher @ Langkawi, Kuah town
Cute Stacy @ Langkawi
Hunt for chocolate!!
Wow! lots of cheap cheap...!! buy!
We are doing free advertising for

Giant Heineken beer
Japanese Asahi beer
Giant Chivas Regal 12 yrs whisky
Trio @ Langkawi street
Quality check for luggage bag before we buy :p

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sammie nyak :) said...

so enjoy :D u guys reli look like ur having tons of fun :D