Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pressie...again!!~~~ Sweet one!!

La~ la~ la~...
It's time to receive pressie....again? oh no...YES! It's sweet lovely one!!
Can't resist to pressie...hardly say No to pressie..:P
My sweet buddies always 'Wow' my sock off!! Thanks alot!! Huggies!!

Belated Xmas pressie from Marcus
Bodyshop limited edition perfume ~ Spring orchid
Come..Give a wild guess??What's that? A cute rabbit?
~Tah~ La~!! It's pooh bear!!
I love this little one very much... winnie-the-pooh!! courtesy from James!! all da way courier from China. So soft...nice to squeeze..My belated xmas pressie as well. ^o^
Pearl ear ring from Cannicus, my colleague who back from Beijing
Little precious jade from Mary, brought frm Beijing

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