Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Sometimes when i am facing and hearing some of my friend's stories, i feel so helpless towards their problem. Indeed! Just plainly complaints? Some even brag about their boyfriend / girl friend so on.. or just wanna to rant it out? If after blablabla out would it be help? perhaps just making you feel slightly better for god sake, but the problem still stuck there, coz u have no gut to take any action to find the solution and work on it.
Why so helpless? Coz i can't do anything about it to help them!! I am so frustrated!!
Somehow is good to LET IT ALL OUT! you would feel better!! Of coz i willing to be a listener, but just don't make me so sick of repeated scenario which i've told 100 times the situation still the worst as last time.

Spoilt the man! Woman always would take care of her man, regardless her significant one or just friend. Perhaps that's her mother nature which born like that way.
Sometimes we do need some pamper, need someone pampering in life, but again do not spoilt the person till he take your for granted and over the limit. We do care for all, when you do love a person you would do more than others treat him extra ordinary good, feed him well, stand by him, worry about him and sacrifice your time for him. Please... do not over do it! We do need a life! We need our social life for own, we should schedule ourself when to spend quality time with significant one, when to spare the time for private activities, don't get me wrong, i mean to be alone for own space, we need some spaces to breath. Go out with friends, doesn't matter is girl or boy, have some laugh, great times, chill out together. We still do need friends in circle, do not neglect your other friends eventhough you are attached. Do not let the guy cross the bottom line! Don't let him mould you up! You are the one who give the space to let him 'abuse' the power and privilege. Do it moderate way to pamper someone at the right time, right place for the right person. :) Whenever a spoilt brat 'abuse' you, once he treats you good for once, whatever the bad treatment he did to you, you will tend to forget all. Just die for him?!

Some guys really are control freak!
He will tell you do not do this and that, everything end up NO NO!
End up you will become his slave! We want to be the beloved one to care and love each other, not a maid! not a slave!


男 人可以有千般壞──小器,囂張,蠻橫,暴躁,粗心等,但只要他對女人有一絲好,那視經營愛情為終生第一職業(第二職業為減肥)的女人多半就會全情奉獻, 死心塌地的愛他──小器是因為對凡事執,囂張是因為有自信,蠻橫是男人的天性,暴躁是因為對事對人求好心切,粗心是因為不拘小節-只看見他的百般好,忘了 他的千種壞。
有一些 男人除了小器、囂張、蠻橫、暴躁、粗心外,還加上有很強的佔有欲、多心、猜疑等罪行,是每個女人的惡夢男友。
有一個條件很不錯的女孩,卻對 男人的所有缺點視而不見,心甘情願的當一個呼之則來,揮之則去的小女人。我們這群壞心眼的損友常常在她面前數他的不是,甚至介紹一些好男人給她,但她充耳不聞,視若無睹,對他依然痴心一片。

I've heard another story from my gal friend. I've had enough from her!
Everytime she love to show off how her bf treat her, bought goodies for her, whenever she want to let me know she will just buzz me to blablabla to me. For instance, her bf went abroad for business trip and meeting, she called me up said that her bf not love her enough always away from country, whenever she need him, he can't be there for her. But again, she love to spend lavishly, of coz her man need to work his ass off to earn more $$ to let her spend what? Whenever he is will call her to ask her what she want from there, everyday also IDD call her, thatn's not enough? She want a brand new laptop, he paid for her, she want brand new car, he brougth her to test drive the car, promised that if their relationship can last more than 1 yr will get her the Toyota Vios. Everyweek she wants Japanese food, he will bring her around for Japanese food. She wants go oversea holiday, he paid everything god damn thing for her, went to thailand, Korea & China. Remembered one evening she called up, she told me she was sick terribly, i told her go for doctor. Then she start brag how greatful was her bf, purposely flied back to visit her for 2 hours! So what? Do i care to know? Yeah, her bf is my friend who i did their match making. However, i am not interested to know what's going between you and him!! Then you told me he wouldn't marry you in 2 yrs time, you get upset! He asked you to wait for 4 years, then you even upset. Then you suspected he has mistress out there, you went to stalk him, 'investigate' him. Told me that his passport details is fraud, he is not as his actual age as staetd on his identity card! You really a NUT! You even photocopied his medical check up report, let your client studied it and then told me that you worried that you will get STDs from him. Then you should go check up!! Midnight sms me questioned me : where are you? HELLO!!!?? I did everything non-of-your-business tho... i was out with my friends! Suddenly midnight told me to online chat with you, you took 2 bloody hours to download MSN. Sorry for god sake, i went to bed. You came to tell me that your bf has high libido, but again, don't you love that? I am so sick of you! don't you know that? I am so reluctant to hang out with you anymore, sick of your stories!! you are INSANE!! please get a life then!!

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