Friday, January 19, 2007

Trip to Four Seasons,Langkawi~Makan-Makan

Che Wan brought me to one of the outlet, Kelapa cafe which facing the breath taking beach view.
We indulged with the simple food, sipping the crisp white wine, camwhore session, enjoy very much together at that precious moment.
The food there nothing special, but mind you that it's very pricey! food & chip cost RM68, Pizza cost RM68, Satay cost RM48. No money please don't go there..*giggle*
Thanz god that we had free meal...Che Wan paid for us with 50% discount. Phew! Hugs Che Wan, U are the greatest one! I feel so 'bahagia' in the cloud...:P
Purple washroom

Red sofa @ Rhu Bar
Guess what is this? Ceiling get natural lighting
Window view @ spa
Salon area
Floating resting area, Spa
Lovely pinkish pool table
Rhu Bar
Jo & Stacy @ Spa
Ikan-Ikan table setting
Yoga room
Spa bar
Spa salon
Washroom @ Four seasons
Beautiful swimming pool
(L-R) Che Wan, Chris, Jo & Sham @ Buggy
(L-R) Stacy, Chris, Jo & Sham @ Buggy
View from Ikan-ikan restaurant

Four Seasons' entrance

@ Swimming pool
This is Ha-Ha stone
We drank this wine!
Chill under coconut tree
Nice shoot of backside!:P
Backside again?
soft white sand
Pizza oven
Stacy on her relax mode

Chris on his relax mode
Look from outside...Kelapa Cafe
Another beach view
Jo with umbrella
Kelapa Cafe
Table Ctr piece
Menu @ Kelapa Cafe
Chris's drink, can't remember what's that...strawberry smoothie?
Adorable Stacy
Chris with his killing pose
(L-R) Emily, Jo & Che Wan
Nice table setting
Ceiling high high
Jo & Che Wan @ Reception
Guest waiting area
Library @ Four Seasons
coconut trees @ Four Seasons
Killing me softly nice breezy beach
Pink pool table & red bar
Purple maroon washroom, damn nice design @ Rhu bar
Chris outside of Serai Restaurant
Crystal clear blue sky
(L-R) Jo, Nurul & Sham
(L-R) Che Wan, Jo, Nurul & Sham @ Rhu Bar (Nurul's outlet)
Swing swing...@ Rhu bar
Serai restaurant
Rhu Bar
Funny Che Wan @ Kelapa Cafe
Fancy a romantic dinner @ beach site? Go to Ikan-Ikan
Smile! Sham & Jo
(L-R) Che Wan, Sham & me @ their outlet, Ikan-Ikan
Do u see the black dark individual curtain door?that's private pool
Taken inside of Kelapa Cafe
I love beach!
(L-R) Me, Stacy, Chris & Che Wan @ Kelapa Cafe
Pepperoni pizza @ Kelapa Cafe

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