Sunday, December 31, 2006

BBQ @ New Year Eve!!

2006 comes to a near end, it was sucky for some of us and great for the rest, however let's start to welcome 2007 with new hope & attitude...

The 2006 year is almost gone but it has also made us strong. The path was long but we walked it with a song. There were fears and tears but we also had reasons for cheers.

Before 2006 comes to the end, bunch of us decided spent the quality time 'last moment' together for a BBQ gathering at Tony's place. A big thanz to him for 'sponsor' his place to our event.
The BBQ was absolutely fun!! Benghan, Andrew & Shaz gave a helping hand to light on the fire, as you know how tough is that to get fire on charcoal? Stacy & Jack gave a big hand to lay out all the food on the table. As for Tony & Jason were busy fried mee hoon in the kitchen for all of us. Tell you what, the mee hoon was awesome! :p Sammie & Sylvia were happily eating and chating together, Mikel came bit later to join us. We had cocktail sausage, chicken meat ball, mee hoon, teriyaki chicken, honey chicken fillet, soy sauce chicken wing, yoghurt spicy lamb shoulder, black pepper beef, rew wine beef, black pepper lamb shoulder, potato salad,lemon fish john dory and some yummy wantan snack & mango salad from chicken rice shop (courtesy from Jack). Something went wrong with the chicken wing, after we BBQ, the chicken wing looks so good, but taste like chewing gum, the meat texture totally out, we can't bite it! Lesson i've learned, never buy chicken wing from Giant, the chicken wing was not fresh, might grab the 'cock' meat instead of 'hen' meat. The meat was so tough like rubber! Thanks god that rest of the meat i bought from carefour. :p Bit sad that can't taste the chicken wing, what a waste!!? Sorry buddies, we should try it next time. :p
After BBQ session, some of them left to countdown at One Utama & Sg wang. Wish them happy jamming yeah! ^o^
Few of us clear up the place, rest at cozy living room, sipping our drinks, tried out korea's snack which brought by Sylvia, we countdown and greet each other, of coz had a great time chating together till next day 5 am.
Phew! Exhausted , tired...but its definately worth it... i was happy...happy... happy!! that everyone of them enjoy the moment together!!

Our yummy food!!
BBQ gonna be in action!!
Sylvia, me & Jason
My buddy in crime, Stacy & me! Tired look...
Cute & funny Korea's snack...finally i tried out the jelly bean
BBQ!!! sausage, fish fillet, meat ball!!
Cute cookies...
Jelly Bean frm Korea

A new Start
A new Chapter
A new Beginning

Forget the Bad
Cherish the Good

New day + New aim + New achievement + New determination + New dream + New idea + New thinking + New ambition + New Life = Success New Year 2007!

May the old 2006 year take with it your troubles & worries away and the new year 2007 udher in greater happiness prosperity success into your life!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2007!! May this year bring luck, health, happiness & wealth!

* Thanks Stacy for the lovely pic!!

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