Monday, January 29, 2007

Home Cooking~Cook out Session!!

It was a lovely sunny day, I felt happy and honored to be invited by Andrew & Sammie to be part of the food taster (m-a-k-a-n-e-r) which courtesy sponsored by Fooxion.
Our chef of the day, Zura mama proudly present her signature dishes to us, it suppose to be a ‘chicken’ theme, but due to budget constraint we have to cut down the choice of dishes. But again, Chef Zura was so creative and innovative to come out 3 yummy dishes just for us.

Have a look who have been invited in the Makaner list?
Shaz, JackSQ, Sylvia, Stacy and myself. We have 8 persons for this makan makan session. Mind you, It’s COOK OUT session which organized by Andrew & Sammie. Kudos to both of them and Chef Zura!!! Big applaud to them!!

The cook out session was carried out at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartmas whereby Sammie sponsored the venue for all of us, mingled around, camwhore session and had great fun together! Chef Zura started the cooking session by 2.15pm onwards; due to time consuming for all preparation, we offered our hand to do mis-en –place together in order to fasten the cooking process. We can’t squeeze all of us into the tiny kitchen space, thus we make use of the dining area.

The cooking process took approximate 2.5 hours for 3 dishes, chicken broth porridge with seafood (squid & prawn), maggi mee murtabak & tofu sumbat. We observed, photo shoot and learned something new from our chef of the day! To see how she fully utilized all the ingredients available (maximize the resources!)

She boiled the chicken bone & meat together to get the chicken broth, plus add in the rice. Slow down the fire to cook the porridge till starchy. Sautéed the squid & prawn with seasoning then add on to the porridge. Then sprinkle the spring onion, eat with salted egg! Simply delicious!

Here we go, learn how to do maggi mee murtabak! Some thing new to me too!
Boiled the hot water, cooked the maggi mee, strained off the water put aside. Sautéed the cut red chilli, julienne carrot, chopped tomato, chicken cube, squid & prawn together. Then beat up raw eggs mixed with noodle and vegetables & meat mixture together. Then use pan to pan fried it, set it to become a maggi mee murtabak (pan cake?) Due to lack of egg, following the maggi mee mixture didn’t turn out in good shape as murtabak piece. Somehow the taste was good!

Come to the interesting part! Sylvia hold a knife, bear in mind don’t bully her, if not she will draw a big X on your face just like a tofu pok! Sylvia used the knife to make a cross on the tofu pok, mind you …It’s whole big packet of tofu pok! Don’t play play! Stacy, Sammie & I helped up to ‘dig’ out the ‘isi-isi’ inside the tofu pok. After ‘dig’ out the ‘tofu residues’, we need to turn the tofu pok ‘up-side-down’ to make it as tulip shape pocket in order to stuff in the julienne carrot & cucumber with tofu ‘isi-isi’. If not mistaken, the stuffing vegetables need to mix with egg (make it bit sticky). After all, heat up the fying pan with oil, fried the tofu sumbat till golden brown colour. This vegetarian dish is nice to serve with chilli sauce. Once you bite it, you will feel the juice burst out in your mouth and extra juice plus oil will drip out. Heavenly bite!!

Voila! This cook out session satisfied your eating desire? Yes! INDEED! Want more?
It was a successful cook out session, shall we look forward to the next cook out session? YES! It’s coming soon!!! Hold on…. To be continuous…..

Rating Time!!

presentation: 3.8/5
taste: 4/5

Maggi Mee Murtabak
presentation: 2.8/5
taste: 3.5/5

Tofu sumbat
presentation: 4.5/5
taste: 4.5/5

* we shall improve on preparation timing (mis-en-place)*
Temptations Rule
Leave your inhibitions in the closet and
immerse your senses in gastronomic freedom!!

Our lovely Chef Zura mama in actions!!
Maggi Mee murtabak

Sauteed the seafood & meat together
kitchen corner with Sylvia

Come give a heavenly bite!
Slurpy porridge!!
Tofu sumbat!
Frying the tofu sumbat!!
Yummy golden tofu sumbat!!
Group picture!!
(L-R) up row: Jack, Jo, Shaz & Stacy
down row: Sammie & Sylvia

'diggin' tofu in actions!


bebe^monkay *~ said...

thanks so much for coming! we really enjoy having u guys for this cookout session cos we had tons of fun :D LOL

its really an honour for me n andrew for seeing u guys...and for making this cookout session possible! hugs! <3


christine said...

slurrp !! :D