Friday, January 12, 2007


My big gratitude to Shaz who invited me to watch this funny show. Barnyard!
I love cartoon show to bits, which always make me feel back to school time and feel young in my heart!
This cartoon story moral is good, it shows the human behavior in our life. How selfish we are, how we take thing for granted, how to face the challenge & deal with it, how to pick up ourself after a big fall, we do need courage to do so. Albeit it's tough, we still have to take one step for once, able to keep trying, nothing is impossible tho. Whenever till we lose something / someone in life, we just know how important it / he/ she gonna to be in our life, we will always in regret why we make the mistake. We make mistake but we gained lesson, just repeat the silly mistake again and again and never get over it.
We have to move on, improve ourself to become a better person!

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