Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pearl of Oriental ~Penang here we come~Part 1

Last weekend, bunch of us (Stacy, Benghan, Tony, Mikel, Maverick, Kopi, Jason & Sylvia) drove our way up to Pearl of Oriental for 2 days one night trip! 2.30am Stacy & Mikel came to my place pick me, Maverick & Sylvia up then heading to Tony's place to meet up the rest. We began our journey at 3am, shoot all the way to highway. OMG! the highway kinda dark and lots of lorries on the road, but i still speed 120km/p, hehehehee..:P By 5am we reached Ipoh town, hunt for dimsum, but unfortunately we can't find the famous Fushan dimsum, end up lost in Ipoh town, simply grab some lousy dim sum as our breakfast before continues our journey to Penang.
One of the Car ranger
By 8am we reached Penang!! Yeah! Pass by the Penang Bridge, we went to Penang wet market hunt for breakfast. The morning market so crowded. We went to one of the kopi tiam had drinks, Jason & I manage to grab a pair of ear ring in the wet market, damn cheap! ^-^
Penang bridge
The morning wet market @ komtar, Penang
After the morning market, yet still early for us to check-in to the hotel, we went to Bayan Baru, Queensbay mall which is the new shopping mall in Penang. Wow! Design concept same as Mid Valley, but still lots of empty shot lots yet to be opened. Most of the labels can get from KL, so just did our window shopping and camwhore session!! The funny thing was we went to Jusco food court, our mobile phone totally no network coverage there. We can't even call out while we enjoy our drinks.
The vibrant retro colour corridor @ Queensbay Mall
Spacious design with great bright lighting
Stacy & I tried hard to carry 3 of them. Ouch! They are so heavy :P

Walking in the mall
something so attractive? why all in the same action?

Mikel @ Queensbay Mall

(L-R)Stacy, Jason, Jo & Sylvia in front of Dome
I saw these adorable one, faster grab them snap photo..

We were wandering in the mall for while and met up Marcus for couple minutes before go off. Since still early, we went to kek lok si. Thanks to Tony's friend who gave us a clear direction guide us to reach there, also kudos to Jason de Mashimaro who drove us up there. :p
The innovative type of bubble lift
so called cable car up to the hill top to view giant 'guang ying' statue
Jason posing oink oink look, since this year is piglet's year..hehehe
Benghan & Jason jumping funny, jason kena kick kick!!
Tortoise watching us or we watching them? are we in the jail? LOL
Cute one...tortoise
3some...^-^ (L-R) Jason, Maverick & Kopi
Excited to check the photo shoot with Mikel
Giant 'guang ying' statue
made from China
Lots of lantern on ceiling
Buddha statue @ hill top
The entrance to hill top
Nice view from hill top

Kopi & Benghan
Oh no! brokeback mountain? hahaha... :p kidding!

oi! faster snap! very HOT!
Shopping time @ Kek Lok Si, Jason was picking the phone chain
We spot her! this cute little girl! look alike the baby girl in Monster Inc. ^o^

Where are the tortoise?
My buddy in crime ^o^
On the way up to kek lok si

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