Friday, January 19, 2007


A new page of life in 2007, i want to have my new year resolution to kick off this many things in my mind....gosh!
  1. To find a new job, get a higher pay
  2. To finish all the books that i bought
  3. To have more saving in my accounts
  4. To cut down expenses, cut down shopping
  5. Throw away all my junk
  6. To buy a digital camera
  7. To get a new laptop, my old baby already kinda old as me. :(
  8. Go on vacation at least once a year for god's sake
  9. Spend more times with papa mama
  10. Continues to cook...i love cooking
  11. To get an electric oven
  12. To change my unhealthy life style, to have a healthy life...change my bad habits
  13. To sleep early, drink more water, cut down coffee intake
  14. To get someone to love me more
  15. To eat more vegetables & fruits, to slim down bit.


BaBy JeE said...

Jo Jo... seemingly that your # 6, 7,11 seems to be contrasting your # 3 and 4 leh... hahaha but if you get # 1, then... time for u to chia ppl!! hehehhehehehehehhehehehehhehehehehhe

Jo said...

6,7,11 tat one i needed in life, so save money to buy mah...
wan more saving in account doesnt mean i canot buy items i want mah..
cut down my entertainment expenses and unnecessary one loh..hhaha
if i can get #1 i will go buy 4D liao! cross fingers..wish me good luck yeah! !hiak!~~~