Monday, May 07, 2007

Steamboat again!!

Last night went gals' outing, dinner gathering with my sista gang, we had our dinner at Yuen steamboat, Sunway.
We were so happy meet up once in a month to update some life info (gossiping)..They always so 'sayang' me, and we always 'click' so well together. These sista always shared their life experiences with me, teaching me good stuff to improve myself.
We had honour not to pay our dinner, do you know why?coz Mary just got her 5 months bonus!! She gonna paid for all of us. hehehe.Thank you very much! you such a sweet gem!

Yuen steamboat business was too good last nite till running out of spoon,
thus we need to use chopstick for ice cream..hehehee

my 1st time to use chopstick for my ice cream

Poor little prawn
Lynne & Mary
Wei Mun
Cute emily
say cheese!
Emily & Jo

Emily gave me a surprised birthday gift & lovely greeting card in advance, she just wow my sock off!! So touching oh...We shared the same birthday month together, but she is elder than me. She got me a small little bottle of Anna Sui perfume (miniature)...aww....very sweet one!! She can remember my birthday is coming liao... Of coz i will get her a birthday present too. ^-^

Oh yeah! I wanna to share the funny chicken wing fighting video clip with you all~enjoy!!

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