Monday, May 21, 2007

Meal of the day!!

Finally i found my most 'wanted' item Balsamico at Isetan, went to KLCC with Emily for a shopping spree. LOL! Broke badly. Don't ask me why!?

Sunday la la...the laziest day of the week, rolling on the bed, was thinking what to eat for the day.. Oh yeah! i want to cook meal of the day for myself!

Opened the fridge, grabbed the ingredients i wanted to use.
I gonna to cook chicken salad with balsamico dressing!!
Firstly, marinated the chicken breast with italian herbs, splash of orange juice, bit sesame oil, pepper powder and bit HP sauce. Then folded aluminium foil as a little insert for the chicken breast, put inside the oven roast it for 20 min.
After 20 min, voila! chicken breast has been well cooked, took it out from the oven cut into cubes, served with mixed green salad, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. If you want some mayonnaise, may add some ...:P

Roast chicken breast @ Oven

Chicken salad served with mixed green salad, olive oil & balsamico..Yummy!
My precious yummy balsamico...:p

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