Wednesday, May 09, 2007


In this surreal world where money does the talking, a lot of us have lost our purpose of living.
Many marriages and relationships die because of money.

As we all know, it is the root of all evils!!
We become monsters without even realising it...
(Slave to money???)

I guess it's alright to brag about where you have been during your recent holiday, the people you have been partying with and what you bought during your recent shopping spree. That is better than to sit and brood over financial problems with friends or relatives.
Never talk about money problems or personal ones as the information you give could be used against you. Then, your status in the social circle will be doomed!!

Does anyone mentioned that your facial features make people perceive you to become one with money??
This is not intentional, as opposed to a person who works very hard to be seen as a person with wealth and status. Or you just be pretended to be the one?
This is the KL lifestyle for you, where money is placed ahead of values and morals in order to be accepted by the social circle.

Competing to be rich could be healthy and should not hurt or damage anyone. Unfortunately, the desire to compete usually arises from envy or jealousy which is not a good thing. You will end up spending a lot of time and energy that can be very damaging to the health and mental state.

We should be moved instead to compete only to be different, have the drive only to see our dreams come through. Then the values we rub on others will stay for a long time to come...

~ R.S~

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