Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Grandma's birthday

My mummy's sibling celebrated my grandma's birthday last week, everyone gathered together gossiping and eating. Got to know one of my cousin just married and pregnant for 3 months, kudos to her hubby so 'hard-working'. *grin*
This time didn't celebrate in the restaurant, just home cooking ~simple lunch~. Each of my aunt will cook one dish, so end up we got to eat lots.
The weather was terribly hot ( no air-con supply ~ poor me), i just 'got a laid' on sofa watching tv, reading newspaper till fall asleep there. Of coz chilled with some ice beer! Fo-yoh! Heavenly man!

Grandma was cutting cake
Grandma & Grandpa
Birthday cake courtesy from my 'pregnant' cousin

My youngest aunt, her hubby & my beloved papa


MavAero said...

Your grandma is so cute :P

Jo said...

TQ for your compliment :P