Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Birthday Celebration!!

OH MY GOD! I almost hit another angle of the decade liao..
24 May ~It's my birthday..... Just another ordinary day to go on...nothing to shout about...
Somehow my buddy, Stacy threw me a surprise b'day celebration. I was touched...
After work, she and her boyfriend, Gary rushed down to my place picked me up, we went for a late dinner at Steak Out. She even bought me an utterly yummy strawberry cake!! killing me softly!! So sweet of her!!
We had a delightful dinner at Steak Out, the food was delicious with attentive service. I kinda love the ambience there, light music with soft lighting, a very cozy place. We had pan fried fillet of cod fish with butter sauce (stacy), mexican chicken with pasta (gary) and sizzling combo platter. **Burp** very filling~~
After dinner, cake cutting moment was approaching...Yayy!! I saw my lovely b'day cake!! So excited oh!! Stacy was busy lighting up the candles while Gary was busy video camwhore. * giggle* Of coz i was snapping from aside there.
Both of them sang me a happy b'day la la... AWw..... *overwhelmed*
Gazillion Thanks to Stacy & Gary!! I had a wonderful time with you all!! *huggies*

Inside the cake peach, nuts

This is STACY!!
This is GARY!!

**P/S: Belated B'day & B'day Retreat are coming soon**

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