Monday, May 07, 2007

Baizura's wedding

2 weeks ago, Baizura & Rosdy they just got married!! Both of them are my colleagues for 3 years plus.
Their love story went bit funny, they been working together in the same department. The guy is very shy person, he admires her for long but he kept it for himself coz the gal has a bf. Till the gal broke up with her bf, ever since that day, he showers her with his tender-loving-care.
One fine day, we were chit chating together in the office, he told me he has a new gf!! wow! coz last time i heard from him, he has another steady gf out there, since when he suddenly changed a new gf?? he asked me to make a wild guess, guess who is his new gf wanna-to-be?? He gave me some hints, but just never crossed my mind that gonna to be her. Kinda suprised!! He manage to win the affections of her.Their courtship went for 6 months, then decided to keep their blossoming relationship to next level.
I'm so happy to see he/she gets to find another half successfully and hope they will cherish each other.
Congratulations again!!

Her pinkish wedding dress
The lovely couple
Jo & Baizura in hotel room

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