Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My salmon~~

Today i worked till so stressful, a raining and unhappy day!!
Back home about 8.30pm, craving for fish.
Phew!~~ i cooked salmon steak to fulfill my 'fish' urge!!
Grabbed a piece of salmon steak, washed it clean, sprinkle some salt & splash bit of japanese rice vinegar. Heat the pan, pour some oil..throw the salmon onto the pan, pan fried it..sprinkle some mixed herbs....
After done the frying part, set the fish aside. Squeeze out an orange juice and some orange zest, cooked it with teriyaki sauce. Then add on the salmon together with the sauce...simmered it while...
Voila!! Awesome orange teriyaki salmon steak is ready to serve!! Tell you, can reach yummilicious food climax oh!! :P

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