Monday, May 28, 2007

My late dinner~~

Today got back home bit late, found chicken breast inside my deary fridge, decided to cook a simple dish to feed my stomach. Oh yeah!! i know it was bit late yo..But who care, i was craving for food!!
Firstly, sliced the chicken breast into fillet, hmm...not so thinly slice, just nice to bite!
Then marinated with sesame oil, bit pepper powder, nam yu (red fermented beancurd), pinch of fine sugar and corn flour.
Heat the pan, pour some oil.... dip the marinated chicken fillet with 'korean flour' batter.... deep fried 'em.. wow! smell so damn nice!!!~~~~
Then served the deep fried nam yu chicken fillet with mixed green salad (lolo bianda, lolo rossa, butter lettuce, romaine lettuce), dash some balsamico dressing for salad if you prefer some juice. Voila! my awesome 'late' dinner is ready to serve!!!!

chicken fillet and marination

Deep fried with 'korean flour' batter dip

Golden brown crispy nam yu chicken fillet

YUMMILICIOUS nam yu chicken fillet salad!!!!~~~~~~

I indulged myself with the chicken salad while watching my favourite TV show 'Prison Break'.


Gallivanter said...

COngratulations, you just made me really hungry... :-p

WaterBased said...

damn... your cooking turned out better than mine...