Friday, August 17, 2007

Yummy Pan Mee

I love noodles!!! I am not a rice eater, i prefers to have noodles or pasta if i do have a choice.
Come, let's go to eat pan mee!!~~~~Slurpy~~
Tony brought me to this pan mee shop ' bao bao' near to his place at Kelana Jaya, used to hear from Mikel said this shop serves yummy pan mee!! Thus, must 'die die' go to try it out! Not bad, they have special shrimp paste chilli and others type of chilli for those chilli lovers. Noodle served with shredded fried tofu, shreded meat, spring onions. Of cause can't forget to try out the 'springy' meat balls!
Another pan mee stall which i always support for years at Cheras, i went there with Stacy & James. As usual, very chaotic, have to wait for table. They served big, small and hand pull pan mee , you can opt for soup or dry type. Sad to say their portion is getting smaller and smaller. -_-'' Albeit pan mee become smaller portion, but still can satisfied my small appetite. :P

Pan mee from 'bao bao'
pan mee from cheras
meat balls!!
special home made chilli
My bestie, Stacy


Monk[+]Icon said...

wah... i oso fans of Pan Mee!!! Kelana Jaya huh! must go must gooo!!

Jo said...

@ monkticon: yeh, u shud try..@ aman suria there. almost reach kelana jaya LRT station there, before kayu original mamak there.after dataran prima loh..

pikey said...

oh~~~ looks delicious!! muz go and try first... so near to office oso, lol

chase said...

OMG it looks sooo good!