Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Palace ~ dim sum~

My colleague aka big brother, Eddie brought me to try out dim sum buffet at Summer Palace (chinese restaurant), IOI Marriott as he claimed one of the best one. The hostess gave me a best corner seat which facing swimming pool, but no sexy gals nor macho man for me to glimpse. *bad luck* The waiter offered me their menu, i can pick my dim sum items from the menu list or they will bring to show me tray by tray. Firstly, i just ordered a few to try out, Eddie arrived bit late, he ordered non-stop till whole table full of food, very scary! I can't manage to finish up all, bloated badly till wanna puke out! hahahahaha.... really bad yeah, i can't stuff in any food anymore!! HELP!!!
May be next time i still want to go there again with more friends so we can try out more food!! *evil grin* ~burp~

Some dimsum i've tried out @ Summer Palace
our table
one of our dessert, longan soup
Eddie was busy talking on phone with Anna
to brag about our luxury lunch :P
HongKong kai lan
'kao zi' dumpling
Jasmine tea
magnificent window view
table next to us
table set up


38kia said...

sooner this blog gonna be best food craving blog liao.. haha.. all looks so delicious... everyday visit this blog will make me more appetite.

free ps3 / free iphone said...

hmmmm... food looks good.

pikey said...

marriot??? o.O
must be expensive liao oh....