Monday, August 13, 2007

Gifts from Australia!! Simply LOVE 'em~~

Yayy!!i've got gifts again!!!*di..di..dam..* All the way from Australia!! Who don't love gifts huh? *giggle* Tell me! tell me! ^_^

Can't imagine that i've got all these gifts on the same day! My bestie,Stacy just back from Australia, I met her up for brunch and she hand a plastic bag to me, opened it up..WOW! Yummy chocolate, i would die for...!! TQ stacy! *hugs*

Grace, a sweetie who just back to M'sia for good, she gave me gifts in a bulk! My goodness! Toys & chocolate!! Thanks a bunch, Gracie! So lovely! Sweet till i will get diabetes soon. hahahaha
wow! shrek's baby, kangaroo keychai & koala bear!!
Delicious macadamia nut coated with dark chocolate
from Stacy
OMG! one of my favourite chocolate, Lindt...slurpy~~
from Gracie

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