Sunday, August 19, 2007

Apartment, The Curve

The apartment
small side bar
Group picture
my drink ~'herbal tea'
Hoyoyi & Jo @ the apartment
Eefee & Hoyoyi

Such a honour been invited by Hoyoyi go to the apartment at the Curve for a drink. It's our 1st time meet up, i knew her through blogsphere and via a friend, we spoke on phone and chat in msn. After so long, finally we met up for a drink. ^_^
She introduced me her gang, a bunch of nice people. We had some chat & laugh together, of coz never forget to do camwhore.
The apartment is a new outlet at the Curve, been heard of it quite sometimes, but everytime no chance pop in. The outlet design purely black and white theme, down stair is restaurant, up stair is a pub. It's a place for bunch of frenz to mingle around and enjoy cuppa drinks.

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MonkeyWong said...

Ur blog makes me so hungry.... :P