Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where wonders never cease~31 Baskin robbin

I tell you, I LOVE ICE CREAM SO MUCH!!! a food i would die for....
Every month i would look forward to 31 on the calendar (if the month has 31 days), i will go to grab 31 Baskin Robbin's ice cream with 31% discount off for hand pack ice cream!! As usual i will get a pint back home (with 2 big scoops in it) happily back home, indulgence myself with the yummilicios ice cream while watching tv show. What a heaven in life!!
I still remembered 31 May i went to 31st Baskin Robbin at Tesco there, took me 1 hour to Q-up to grab my ice cream. GOSH! you have to take a number wait for your turn. It was so chaotic & hot!! SWEAT SWEAT! you can heard aunties and kids were shouting here and there like
in the market. DUH!
Last month i went to 31st Baskin Robbin one of the new outlet at Alamanda, not so bad, it took 15 min to grab my ice cream. Thanks god! phew!!

ENJOY LIFE, ENJOY ICE CREAM!! NO FUN without ice cream in life oh....

Where wonders never cease!

My hand packed ice cream
strawberry cheese & macademia nut
You may opt for different size of handpacked ice cream

Check out the price list!
Lots of people! 'people mountain people sea'
New outlet @ Alamanda

Raspberry cheese & Jamaica almond fudge! ~ slurpy~


BaBy JeE said...

hmmm Jo Jo, when are you gonna send some over??? don't show show only!!hahahhahahaha

Anonymous said...

my mom says im insane cuz i always bring home 1/2 gallon hahahahaha...


meatball online said...

woah... baskin robbins, haagen daz... i always buy it when i'm in KL.. don't know that they have this 31% discount promotion oh.. thanks for the info!

Jo said...

@ baby jee: my ice cream can tahan to reach sarawak or brunei boh?hehehee..
u shud come here try instantly mah.. :P

@ Pegs: wahlao...1/2 gallon can last how long for ya?

@ meatball: haagen daz hardly to get outlet everywhere mah, baskin easy to get mah..hehehe..31% only applicable on 31st day of the month woh..

meatball online said...

hehehe, then i should schedule my trip to KL which includes 31st day of the month.. kakaka!

Anonymous said...

uhm, don think very long
i also forgot liao..
maybe few days


BeeLee said...

Yes, I love ice-cream :) Haagen Daz & BB are my favorite :)