Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Quotes





38kia said...

... 为什么每一次都要等到失去之后才后悔?...

I'm so regret now! I shouldn't have given up on her.
I miss her...........

A lot of things she's been done to me and treated me sooooo well.
After losing her, now i know why I used to be a happy guy. And she still the best lover i have ever had in this world.

when u mentioned 后悔. I feel a sudden pain in my heart. I really do.. 后悔.

Jo said...

@ 38kia: purely feel regret u can't do anything woh. why not stand up move on do something benefitial to urself and others? instead still stuck on the spot being regret of not doing anything ah? apparently i regreted of some words i utter, but i cant do much d, so i move on and improve myself lo. coz of regret in life u only will value more in the future mah..