Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Adorable pets~~=Kawaii!=

Stacy brought me to this petshop @ Queenpark again!! She wants to show me the cute puppies there!! oh yeah..such ages i never been to that area, wow! new batch of pets arrival.
Both of us were extremely happy to see lots of adorable animals around, peep here and there, most of the puppies were zZzzzzzz..... slightly knock the glass door, woke them up..come with me. *devilish look & grin*
Stacy loves the golden retriever & husky, so which one she want to own huh? golden retriever cost RM1k plus and husky cost RM2k plus, my godness! so pricey!
I love pets, but i unable to own them, coz i've no time for them *lame excuse*, i not even can take good care of myself, how to take care my pet huh? you tell me, tell me! *wink* hmm..may b in the future , i might want to have one. As for time being, i've 4 cyberpets. hehehehe...

Teddy bear? oh's mini poodle in brown colour..sleeping mode, so cute neh!
lazy sleepy mode ~ golden retriever
poor king charles spaniel
furball shitzu
I'm hungry~~!!I wan food!!
innocent look~ please bring me home! i will behave myself! :p
Macho Mr. Husky
give me your hand,~shake hand~
Stacy wanna pat pat husky and show the husky to Gary via 3G phone call
What is this animal huh? squirrel?? I've no clue!
knock! knock! knock! Hello to Mr. Tortuise
stay away from me, i'm hedgehog. whatcha look at huh?
Ms. cute little hamster:"I am not home alone"
fatty guinea pig!
Another furball rabbits
~slurpy~ rabbit :"i'm thirsty!"
Pussycat:"I am hot!!"


pikey said...

ooohhh... i love the husky and the 'innocent looking' dog... the hamster is not bad too, kekeke

38kia said...


Jo said...

=38kia=: husky husky..u shout out loud H.U.S.K.Y in ur dreamland tonight , then husky will pop up lah...hahahha

=pikey=: i love all puppies...hamster will bite ppl sometimes..heehhe

danielctw said...

Sometimes I prefer shih tzu maybe because I've been around shih tzu for quite many times. The husky must be trying to adapt to this weather. So different.

Ikea :P

BeeLee said...

You make the right decision, if you can't give them enough time, it's better not to own one. A friend of us bought a puppy but had to sell it after less than 2 weeks because he realized that he doesn't have "time" for it, poor puppy ...

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