Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shaz on demand!

It was a great pleasure that i've been invited by Shaz to attend his birthday celebration with his gang of friends at Izzi. (Shaz's b'day on 23 July,sorry dude for the late posting) :P~
Surprised me to dine with 40-50 people together, but i only knew few of them. Just drop Hi & Go here and there, sat with Sylvia, Benghan, Kylie, Steph, Mikel & Nic, such a small gathering for my gang too, but some of them are away and unable to come.
We had glorious & fun time together, i bet you will love the 'press conference' experience there just for Shaz!! Those high-tech gadgets, (PRO) DSLR cameras, digital cameras, phone cameras all out for action, all spot lights were focusing on Shaz! *flash~ flash*, look here, look there, smile...cheese...grab those cute boys and gorgeous chic for cam-whore.

Once again, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to SHAZ! One year older, one year wiser! Many happy returns!! *hugs*

Food that we ordered @ Izzi with 50% discount
cheese dough bun, tuna salad, pasta, chicken wing, calamari, cheese macaroni, seafood pizza
Shaz's birthday cake
creative piece of art work from Shaz's frenz
macho shaz and his b'day cake
giggle look?!
We forced Shaz to pick the candle from the cake by using his mouth
But, look like he's kissing the cake. :P
Lovely couple, Andrew & Sammie
Andrew, Joel, Benghan, Sylvia & Steph
Group pic
(L-R) Mikel, Joel, Shaz, Nic, Jo, Syl, Steph, Benghan & Kylie
Shaz & Jo
trio gentlemen
(L-R) Joel, Mikel & Benghan
funny Benghan with his cheese dough bun
Shaz & Joel
Famous & witty mikel
Kylie,Jo,Sylvia & Steph
Mikel,BH, Kylie & myself
William & Jo
Another group pic
The 'strippers'
Scott & Shaz
Jo & Sylvia
Desperate housewives? hahahaha
sexy sammie, BH & cute Sylvia

Jo & Joel
Girls with Shaz
Shaz intro the boy who shares the same b'day with him
We 'spot' this cute waiter
the Chaotic

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