Thursday, August 16, 2007


I went to Giant for grocery shopping, saw this snack on shelves attracts my attention.
Wow! new snack? it's same company who produced twisties...this time come out with Chipster! potato chips! oh my god! i want to try ! i want! i want!
Chipster packaging kinda big pack, cost RM4 over per pack. Happily went home, once i opened, i want to cry ....bit disappointed of the chips amount inside the packet, so little!! mind you, the packaging is filling with lots air!! once i gave a bite, oh NO!! ARgh....!!!! @@@@@@$%#$%#$%#$%#$%#$!@%%&^%^&^%*!!!~~~~ Regretted why i bought it! ?
I still prefer pringles, lays or mr. potato!! If you dun trust me, then you go try it out then tell me your review!! :P


pikey said...

maybe next time, better to look at the net weight of the package first b4 buying :p

38kia said...

maybe it should branded as "CHEAP"ster !!!

Jo said...

@ Pikey: aiks...air oso has weight one..coz of gravity :P

@ 38kia: well said woh..hahahaha...
it might taste cheap oh..but price is not that cheap loh..hahahaha i mean oh not worth for money value leh :P