Friday, August 24, 2007

I love korean food

So far i have had been to 2 korean BBQ restaurant, Dae Jang Gum Korean BBQ restaurant , Puchong & Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant, Sri Hartamas.

I gave my first time to korean food whereby my friends, Edwin & Daphene brought me to Daorae at Sri Hartamas 2 years ago, Edwin claimed that that's one of the best korean restaurant he likes the most. After so long, Mav brought me there again for my 2nd visit, as i just realized that i been to the restaurant before. ^_^

As for Dae Jang Gum, my 1st time went with Mikel, Sylvia, Tony & Joanne, the portion there kinda small for us which we compared with the rest. *evil grin*

For my personal liking, i would prefer Daorae instead of Dae Jang Gum, why?
Daorae provides better attentive service to guest, provides more variaty of side dishes / condiments, the most important thing is all korean served us!! They are so polite and friendly, the food is YUMMY! I remembered i was snapping the food pictures whereby the Korean chef was standing behind me observed how i snapped his food, and he kept nod his head and smile till Mav gave me evil smile to hint me, Gosh! i just realized the chef was behind me, freak me out! The Korean chef talked to me, how's the korean food and blablabla, of coz i manage shoot a photo with him. *giggle*
As for Dae Jang Gum, that day i paid there 2nd vist, still bit disappointed loh. James suddenly told me that he wanna try out Korean food since Pegs mentioned to him, hahahahha....Good idea! The nearest Korean restaurant i could 'dig' on that time was DJG, no choice! rushing hours...!!-_- I can't find any korean staff in that restaurant, correct me if i am wrong, i am wondering the chef is korean huh? *ops* pardon me please. After we ordered the food, the server came to tell me that whole restaurant was running out of lettuce!! OMFG! how i gonna to eat my BBQ pork rib without lettuce???? u tell me , u tell me!!?? Nah, it's pretty fine, i was good mood that day. Just deal with it and bear with it! ^_^. But again, something unexpected happened, you guess what? the grilled on our table doesn't work at all!! Thus, we can't see how our BBQ pork rib gonna to be grilled there!!! Mind you, the pork rib was well-done! (over-cooked!) -_-''. ARghhhhhhh...................!! Anyway, we still whack all the food till finished. :p love Korean Food!!! Slurpy!~~~ i love kimchi!!

Side dishes / condiments @ DJG
Seafood pancake, Delicious~~!
At Dae Jung Gum, Bandar Puteri Puchong

the grill which is out of service @ DJG
Nice & cute decoration @ DJG

What is this? exhaust hood?
Korean Chef from Daorae & me
Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant, Sri Hartamas
Side dishes / condiments @ Daorae

BBQ chicken & pork with special sauce & dip @ Daorae
Mav ordered this korean rice mixed with vegetables, crabmeat & sauce
Burp!~~~ so full
The Daorae branches
You have to end up your dessert with this Cinnamon ginger tea
The Korean restaurant manager told us it's good for digestion.

*p/s: Thanks a bunch to James & Mav for the lovely dinner*


Jean Chia said...

wow.. love the food.. i love korean bbq, there's one in ampang. not bad lor.. hehe.. :)

pikey said...

eh.... i see some of the food are in small portions... like those teow chew porridge style, kekeke...

and how much u paid for it?

Anonymous said...

pikey, those small dishes are side dishes for eg kimchi, those are complimentary. love Korean food...*hint hint*

hehe..and who is that guy serving u? Is he Korean too?? half??



•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

@ jean: aiya, i haven't try the Ampang one, i duno the direction woh..

@ pikey: those are side dishes or condiments thingy, can refill loh. how much i paid ah...? i didnt pay woh, my fren 'belanja' me. :P
okay, daorae one we ate lots, the bill RM80 something, DJG ate less, the bill is RM50 something.

@ pegs: yeah , he 's korean guy @ Daorae restaurant, very cute oh..hahaha