Saturday, August 11, 2007

Do you have breast?

Went to this cancer presentation which includes breast cancer "nen nen talk"(main topic), testicle cancer, cervix cancer, tongue cancer, lung cancer...etc..

A comprehensive info received from this presentation, to urge everyone cancer can be the number one killer in the world soon! Mind you, man will get breast cancer too!! don't play play oh!!
We shall change our life style and habit to a better one. Less sugar, less salt, less oil, less fat, quit smoking, more vegetables, more exercises, drink more water, to have sufficient sleep time and be positive & optimistic mind set.
A very good presentation organized by Makna which i gained lots of information and learn how to treat myself better, improve myself, change my life style to be a healthy person. Cut it short, to love myself more....^_^
For ladies, every month need to check breast on the 7th day of your mensus. For gentlemen, need to check testicle on monthly basis too. For smoker, please cut down and quit your ciggy for your own good & save more money up. The latest news announced, new virus transmitted via urine, from man to woman during sexual intercourse (bad personal hygiene).. EWw...YUCK!
So watch out and take good care of your health yeah!!
Money can buy medicine but not your health!!
The breast cancer banner
model set
testicle cancer
breast model (silicon), you can press and touch to find the lump
men's breast sample
female pervix model
cervix cancer
lumps in testicle -_-''

lumps in breast
silicon testicle
healthy lung and cancer lung
demo how to check breast's lump
hahaha...this one make me laugh non-stop
Group picture

MAKNA donation pink box..
pls drop your cents into it and bank in to their Maybank account 5140-7500-1920


zeroimpact said...

Yes, we should all created the awareness and its true also that cancer knows no gender
So you were on the organizer side or the participant side

J@n!ce said...

Thanks for sharing this piece of info :)

38kia said...

i.. dont have breasts but that was scary and is always a nightmare for ladies...
good events and it's good for the awareness lorr..

pikey said...

thanks for the awareness... good to have better explanation and self check on testicle cancer too.... dont think many guys r aware of it..

Jo said...

@ zeroimpact: i am the participant loh...

@ Janice: u r most welcome, sharing is caring!

@ 38kia: u do hav breast lah...tat's chest..not boob..hahaa...somehow u still need to take pre-caution mah :) take care of ur health!

@ Pikey: yeah loh..lots of cancers existing, soon bcome world number 1 killing.

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