Wednesday, September 07, 2005

U Lift me Up!!

2 September2005 was 1am something..i was so boring..still awake online chating..
I was bit down..when I was lonely and start to grief again and again…one of my net frenz..he usually hardly to chat..always just showing smiling faces..end up surprisingly he replied me..he mentioned he was so lazy to type, he used to use mic to chat in Skype. Well, since I was so boring he try his best to cheer me up and “entertain” me. He told me I’m the only Malaysian in his list..muahahah…actually he is Malaysian too.. He was so nice intro me to listen online HK radio channel. It was nice..then he told me he wanna to dedicate songs for…amazing..!! I was wondering how he did that huh? So just waiting patiently there..the network line sometimes bit bad..some cross lines interruption..but I still manage to listen some very nice songs.. when the DJ wanna to announce the song which dedicated for me, he will buzz me..but I missed it! Because the line was bad, I was bit disappointed. Aw…L
I told him I can’t hear my name!! I missed it!! Then he comfy me that he can let the DJ repeat my name again with another…so I just waiting..
Finally I heard my name been mentioned by the DJ. Hurray! I was so happy like a happy bird..!!!^o^ Alex, Thanks a lot! You lift me up in the early morning when I was so down! If not mistaken, he dedicated 3 songs.. but very soon the channel was ended by 2am. Aw…L The DJ’s voice is extremely nice and sexy…you will sure love his voice too..Finally, Alex told me the DJ actually is his friend..hahaha…no wonder he can “ordered” the DJ to do special task. Hahahahaha……:P Alex, you really make my day!

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