Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pastry Graduation Dinner @ Taylor’s **14 Sept 2005**

14 Sept 05 was Lynne’s pastry class graduation dinner at Taylor’s, she invited me and marry go for the dinner..yippy..! so happy got free meal oh! *ops* ;p
Ever since graduated, never been to new campus before. It was 2nd time been to Taylor’s, 1st time was Alumni dinner. Wondering the lecturers still can recall who am i? Half of the lecturers has been changed to new faces. It was great back to school again . don't you think so?
We were rushing to Taylor’s, I drove kinda fast and manage reached the car park @ 7pm. Well, many people still late mah…hehehehe…
Don’t pay so high expectation towards this dinner, *wink* because it’s practical restaurant. All served by students, cooked by students. Hehehehe… Of cause still have to give face to Eve Lyn, Bee Fong & Sherri loh…If not later kena whack!
Step in the restaurant, I just realized tonight is Wednesday should be “their” practical class, so I tried my luck to call Eve, but she didn’t pick up and I called Bee Fong. I told her I pay her a surprise visit! She was so happy like a kid in Christmas morning, tried to look for me at bar area. I was standing in front there but she almost can’t recognize me! Come on, girl, I aint that old ok! Only 2 to 3 months time didn’t see you, can’t remember me huh? We were so glad and jumping there and hug hug each other. Then she brought me “pop” into the kitchen say hi to others. Aunty Eve told me she didn’t bring along her mobile, aiyo!
Then back to restaurant, chating with Mary, Lynne, Wei Mun and others. Enjoy munching the bread stick. Pink guava juice was served on free flow basis. (nah, not my favourite! The server told me is fruit punch, thought that I don’t know what ‘s that oh..)
Pls allow me to present the menu to you all :-
Cream of mushroom soup
Spring chicken served with vegetable ratatouille and pasta
Selections of dessert (buffet counter)
Coffee or tea
*looks good right? Well, have to taste it first!!!*
We had some sesame bread, foccasia bread with butter. Then mushroom soup has been served. Yummy..not bad! Very nice oh…everyone finished the soup!:P
*slurp slurp* Bit disappointed when main course was served, because we expected whole spring chicken, end up spring chicken has been cut into 4 portions, everyone got 2 pieces. But look really small portion yeah.. The chicken was tasteless, chewy! Aiyo! Chef Bala, don’t be so stingy lah, salt & pepper also wanna save it. Lynne teased me that :”Jo, go to tell your trainee, what kind of chicken is that?chewy and tasteless one. Need to be improved lah” ahahhaha….
Never mind, look forward to dessert session. Wow! Kewl! Lots of dessert displayed at buffet counter. i.e. apple crepe, cream caramel, brownie, bread pudding, cream puff, fruits tart (mango, strawberry, kiwi), blueberry cheese cake, coconut tart, assorted muffin, etc. Really enjoy ‘em…. End up with coffee or tea.
At last but not least, congratulations to Lynne! Finally she got her graduation with pastry certificate (good grade “gua”! ;p). So now she no need every Monday & Wednesday rush for bakery & pastry classes anymore. :P
Of coz we are looking forward she bakes more yummy bakeries & pastries items for us. Also, waiting for her to open “Gui gui muffin” shop in near future!! Hurray!
Thanks a lot, Lynne! For a lovely dinner @ Taylor’s.

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