Thursday, September 22, 2005

FHM 2005

Today i'm excited wanna go to FHM 2005 (food and hotel exhibition) at New Kuala Lumpur Convention Ctr. Also glad that no need to work woh...I only work for 2 hours then followed Sasi (my purchasing officer) to FHM. Hurray! space for car park..terrible!!!
First time step into the KLCC, feel good! then Q up at counter to collect my pass, then we went inside the big hall. Many companies set up their booths there..*Pening kepala* :P But if compare with PWTC, this is not so big yeah.
Fun to follow Sasi walking around, to get know more suppliers. Try out all the yummy food and drinks..get free gifts..grab lots of brochures...:) i.e. cured salmon, cheesez, chocolate, ice cream, coffee, juices, wine, sausages, etc... walked till my leg so sored (i dumb lah, wearing high heel of coz sore leg!) toes also wanna cramp ady. :P
Sasi is so nice person, he intro me some of the suppliers..and we saw some latest products in the market which is not in catalogue yet. Besides that, followed Sasi can get freen gifts too.:P
I've received pastry pro one box of pralines, WMF spaghetti fork & spoon one set (stainless steel), some juices... I went to visit our coffee supplier, wow..kewl display cost them RM60k for the natural green concept. I was chit chating with boon (our coffee supplier technician), he's a superb nice guy! He let me tried new coffee, organic coffee...phew! i really enjoyed it...for 2 cups ..:) and his manager gave me one packet free since i like it so much..thank u thank u...paiseh...:P then his sales manager grabbed me play the horoscope thingy games see which coffee bean is suitable for me, end up i received another packet of coffee powder >>Columbia<< which i tried before.. anyway, i still keep my 2 packets of blue mountain till now..must open it try yeah..coz very expensive coffee oh...i'm sure coffee lover definately will know what i am talking about..hehehehe...
After that we went to Culinary competition...WOW! need to pay for entrance fee woh..Sasi with VIP pass no need to pay, for me just normal visitor so have to pay, but he was so gentlemen paid for me..thanks Sasi!! I saw the hall was so crowded, people with chef uniform were walking around. Let me peep first, what's going on now? oh yeah...let me search high n low where all my chef gone ah? finally i found them...I found Zainol (pastry chef) and Izuan (Cold Kitchen chef), both of them look so tired, coz their competition was started at 3am, gosh! 3pm they still there waiting for result. So i "kepoh" wanna to see their great "show piece".. I saw Zainol's 5 dessert display and Izuan's menu of the day display was kewl! nice colour combination, too bad didnt' snap the picture..erm..may b can ask Eve to provide me some yeah..heheheh...
Also, i saw many other hotels and restaurant took part too...i saw lots of sugar sculptures..tat's amazing man!!! really FINE ART!! oh yeah..on the stage, there's bar tender cocktail competition... candidate went up the stage one by one with "bombastic" music and start to perform their special skills...throwing bottles...swinging bottles...dancing...mixer... then finally ..Whala...there u go of the signature cocktail is be presented to 3 judges there for tasting.
Then i saw Azhari (Asian Chef) stepped in to the competition practical kitchen, start his session.
Everyone seem so serius and paying full attention on their cooking....
And i called up Eve Lyn, hehee...manage to see her and bunch of her happy...after that also met up Bee Fong babe...she changed her hair colour again..hey babe, nice colour yeah! Then we end up stucked at Ice carving competition session..Tat's awesome!!!
Before the competition end up for marking score, we left the FHM coz wanna to avoid traffic jam in KL town. Both of us haven't take our lunch, so plan go for early dinner. On the way back to office, boss called....aiseh...wanna checking where am i ...really basket woh...
Dun bother much, we stopped at sri kembangan for a quick dinner and heading back to office.
That's all for my whole day FHM trip! ;p

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