Monday, September 12, 2005

Another weekend shopping!

Today is a sunny Sunday! I woke up at 12pm something, actually was woke up by a phone call (all the way called from USA) so I not even can open my mouth scold the person who is so caring to give me a coutesy call. Thanks WK! Erm..actually I should blamed on myself didn’t go to bed on time, I was chating on skype till 6am **what a crazy nut!**, that’s why I can’t get up in the morning.
But lovely Vivien sent me a sms when I was her once I wake up..kekekeke… Because today we have appointment to IKANO.
I was bit late to pick her from condominium, as you know..i always late bird! *opsss** yeah…thanks god she’s bit jet lag…she still used to Indo timing…lack for one hour …LOL!!
We expected Ikano car park to be fulled today, surprisely I manage to get my car park lot so fast. We were so starving, look for food around in mall. Bit lost to find where’s the Curve?? *bear with me, coz my sense of direction kinda bad one*
I planned to intro Vivien to Paddington pancake, but when we saw KIM GARY first , just heading towards KIM GARY first. Opened the menu, was disappointed, menu has changed! Some of the nice food already omit from the menu. @#@$%$^%...i wish I can have my “mango low”, but already omitted. I had spaghetti fried with beef fillet, it was yummy! Vivien had fried rice and red bean “ice kacang”, when the server served the red bean, both of us were so shock that they don’t served it in a big bowl instead of tall glass… it was so difficult for her to scoop and enjoy it! **sounds they really don’t have comment sense to serve it in such way** Anyway, we still enjoy our chating and late lunch there. After filled up our stomach, both of us feel so sleepy, better move our butt to walk around before doze off. Hahaha … First, we went to Popular mid year book fair, I was disappointed loh…how come so small area also called as book fair loh..compared with last time in Summit Square, I can have more choices and discounts on books, VCD , etc.. this time so limited choice and books.. L But I still manager to grab 2 yoga’s books for my mummy and one book for my self and 3 set of Korean drama series…**better than get nothing right?**
Then we went to IKEA, on the way we grabbed a trolley happily wanna go up to IKEA. One of the stewpiak guard stopped us said we can get our trolley upstair, so we have “let go” this trolley! Blardy hell! So we went up, end up can’t get the big trolley we wanted! We just put the goods into the IKEA yellow ugly bag walk around till another level just found where all the trolleys are!!! We had fun time doing shopping in IKEA, always something new around. We always look for funky colour, nice design, cute and reasonable price items..sometimes cheap one also not so bad! Before I go IKEA, I have the idea what items I going to buy in my mind(from IKEA latest catalog). End up buying more thant what I have planned. Hahahaha…oh man…so tempting and out of control. I bought one small table tray (actually is food tray with standee) for my laptop, so I can online in comfort zone..hehehe…one pinkish round placemat, plastic bag dispenser (which I wanted since last year, finally today I found it), skirt hangers, light bulb (stand by purpose), TRENSUM mirror and cutting board. Vivien grabbed a black cutting board (which i plan to buy in the first place, end up I didn’t pick it), pink stool (cute one, I told her like powerpuff girl) **hehe, my next target item** , and one white standing cabinet. We were looking around for suitable cabinet / storage box together, first found one 4 tiers storage, look good and Vivien grabbed it. Then we found another two better design, then she dumped the previous one. She told me that :” Jo, you really have sharp eye yeah..always can find the good thing..”*observant* ??? muahaha.. but Lynne always say I blur sotong one..because Lynne is more alert than me. So compare lah!
As we walked around, we stopped at candles corner, “admire” at all the nice candles. Wanna to grab few back home, should be very nice at night time.But end up both of us decided not to buy any candles! You know why? Candle always created nice atmosphere and romantic scene, but both of us are single, for what huh? Light up candle for 5 minutes then we doze off can’t really enjoy the moment too. *wink* Somehow the candle holders are nice design in colourful theme, may be next time we will get some. Then we were talking on floating candle, wow..guess what, I managed to find floating candles there with the glass bowl holder. Vivien was so tempting on the floating candles and wanna so badly, but she so rational that put it back on shelve. Hahaa…I told her next time get her bf to buy for her (if she get new bf) *ops*
We had a great time in IKEA for our shopping!!! Vivien remember next time we go shopping again! Aiyo, of cause within my budget yeah! Can’t overspend, later eat Maggie mee and bread everyday! L
erm..i found out something else from IKEA. Nah, IKEA slogan (logo) stated Design and Quality, IKEA of Sweden. But somehow I found most of the items are not made of Sweden. I looked at the goods I bought, some make in Republic of China, Vietnam, etc. Not all the goods are worth to buy too, some are pricey. Somehow we still need to look into the design and quality as well as the pricing. Sometimes nice design goods not long lasting and fragile. So when we do purchasing goods need to be extra careful and observant. Compare on the quality, pricing and usage… Don’t be regreted after buying something useless.. Nevertheless, IKEA is a good and fabulous concept store to enable you to steal the good ideas from them and grab piece and pieces items from them too. Bear in mind, we still have our consumer rights to decide what to buy and where to buy. J Sometimes, window shopping is good to do some market research among the competitors and be updated on latest goods available in the market. So why not you also do some window shopping like me?

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