Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Karaoke Happy Hour!

Sunday woke up late in the afternoon, my "dear dear" Jchanet buzz me to hang out with her.
Mary called me that she went MATTA fair with Lynne, they managed to book a trip to Taman Negara, good for them.^0^
It was raining when i stepped out frm my house, :(. Thanks god that KL was sunny day!
Jchanet was late, so i was bumping around at Isetan. We went window shopping from Isetan to Sg Wang then Times Square. End up bought some stuff from Watson. :) We also went to Victoria Secret Warehouse sales at TS. Shit, all so big size for caucasion, Asian one all ugly design, just forget about it! hahaha....
Then Jchanet was bit boring then she insisted wanna go for Karaoke happy hour, gosh! i told i ady broke this month better don't go karaoke lah! Then she kept pursuit that she paid everything. Muahaha..Thanks Dear Dear! Next time i buy you Lunch yeah! :P
Jchanet told me one of her frenz wanna join us later...so i met up her frenz, Lawrence. Tell u what, he claimed that he's safe driver, so he took his own sweet time to reach b. bintang. hahaha...roughly one hour plus and hardly find car park. LOL!
We started Karaoke from 7.30pm (Sunday), three of us went inside a small little room(as u know redbox right?) At first, Lawrence suggested wanna go to Neways karaoke, because he has intention one..he wanna buy pirated DVD there...muahahhaa...Unfornately we end up at Redbox. Sorry dude! Basket Redbox, as we know Sunday will be cheaper, then now they include dinner buffet as package, u have to pay RM35 but u have option to take the dinner or leave it. So no choice have to take the dinner. Thanks god that they 've changed their buffet dinner, got sushi counter, small steamboat "lok lok", dim sum and some appetizer. We had a great fun time together there by keep singing non stop and teaching Lawrence how to use the remote control and kept teased him. Wondering the times passed kinda fast, we sang till Monday morning 3am. end up Supper at Redbox too..so total approximate 8 hours for Karaoke happy hour there! Gosh! oh men..can break my record ady!
After karaoke, Jchanet & Lawrence accompanied me to carpark pick up my car. Boo! guess what? I can't find my car, hav to check with security guide where's my car? muahaha..**pandan muka** Finally found my car...So i was guessing how much i gonna to pay for the car park?coz i parked from Sunday afternoon till Monday early morning. ;P well well, surprisingly when i stop at the exist, there's no one there to collect money and the gate bar was opened. hahaha...so free car park for the day!! how lucky yeah? After dropped Jchanet & Lawrence, i was heading home. Stopped at the traffic light at Pudu Jail there, then i saw a silver RAV 4 stopped next to my car. At first i dun really bother, but i sensed that someone was looking at me that kind of feeling. Then i turned my head, i saw the RAV 4 driver actually was staring at me. ****RAV 4 car driver wanted now!! WJR 4118 ^o^ Who asked the cute driver starred at me twice!! ;p**** He's damn cute & good looking. I still can remembered how his look like.. kekekee..Pls don't get me wrong, who doesn't like to see good looking person or pretty stuff?When the traffic light turned green light he overed took my car, but end up still stucked in traffic jam, u know why? coz police road blocked. muahahahaha....
Reached home @ 3.30am, not so sure what time hit my sack too. The next day i woke up to work, whole body exhausted...sleepy...like zombie.. Hey Jchanet dear dear thanks for ur morning call!!what to do? should i blamed on someone? No! No!No!As long as we had fun and spent some quality times together, Jchanet, right? Hope to catch up with you again, but not for karaoke yeah..:p

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