Saturday, September 24, 2005

He’s really into you??? Any Clues?? PART TWO

Clue # 4

He writes a song / poem for you

Okay, he might not be so good as others famous composer, but for him to feel so inspired by you that he wanted to create something out of nothing (for that is what art is), then he must have some pretty serious notions of love for you..
Whether he’s prepared to admit it or not.
A four-line song or poem is indicative of his interest, but we don’t think enough effort went into it to qualify as love. Love will keep an artist at his work for hours on end, until he is satisfied that his artwork conveys the message he wants to say. It’s PASSIONATE!
A tribute to your existence in the form of a song or poem or painting is very flattering, no doubt.
But keep your eyes on the ball, don’t wallow in the attention and miss the message, there is something he is trying to tell you. In between the “Let’s spend forever together” lines, there are subtle nuances you may miss at first glance. So you have to read it over, and read it right!
It’s so touching when someone sing a song for you ..don’t you think so?

In my memories, I still can remember one of my friend played guitar and sing birthday song for me, I was so touched! But don’t get me wrong, he just one of my closed friend! Hahaha…that’s only a birthday song!
Still can remembered, my ex bf drew a painting for me, I still keeping it in drawer.
Also, my late bf wrote a sweet poem for me that I wouldn’t ever forget it, even thought he is no longer here, but his love and thought will be with me till the day I grow old. How I wish can keep all these sweet one in my pocket and bring around whenever I go…

Clue #5

He learns to cook

Although men probably do make better chefs at a professional level, most cannot be bothered to learn anything more in the kitchen than how to boil water (for instant noodles, coffee and eggs) and frying burgers. Nothing in the world can ever induce us to pick up a cookbook and attempt anything that involves meat, spices and raw vegetables…nothing that is, except the woman of his dream. He is obviously going to some amazing lengths to please and impress you. Is it real?
Yes, will it last? There’s only one way to find out! In any case, you may as well encourage him in his new hobby (hopefully, he likes it!). You may find yourself with your own beloved one day cooking together in the kitchen.. now, wouldn’t that be nice?
It gonna be so appealing you that you “lovely” breakfast is ready when you get up from you bed in the morning, your beloved one is preparing your breakfast for you in the kitchen..How sweet is he yeah..? :P Find one of the weekend, go shopping together for groceries, check out new products in market and decide what’s the menu of the day.. What a kewl idea to spend some quality times together?

Clue #6

What’s his is yours

There are some possessions men have that they would kill to protect from the grubby hands of outside world. Some example include football jerseys, caps, limited edition CDs, his fave shirts & shorts, his car and musical instruments (especially guitars). Few people, if anyore, have ever laid their fingers on these holy items. Not his best friend, nor his brothers, not even his mother. So, when he put his cap on your head playfully, or asks that you take his CD home to listen to, or offers threadbare shorts and big T-shirt when you stay over, take this as a sign of this highest trust in you, and be very, very respectful of whatever it is he has decided to share. Being willing to share these parts of his life with you means that he’s probably willing to share a whole lot more.

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