Friday, September 16, 2005

He’s really into you??? Take notes!!! Any Clues??

I’ve read this article from Magazine, some of the clues are so real which happened to me before in my life. I’ve picked some of the clues and facts from this article. Its “inspired” me to write something about it, to share some sweet memories that I only can cherish forever and can’t have these happen again in my life.

Love or Lust? When a man loves a woman, he might have a problem to express his feeling or saying that tricky “L” word. Some men really do love you in mutual way and can do any crazy things about you. Not only focus on your body, just wanna get a good companionship and love your soul too. Somehow there is some men only want LUST, they only want your body sleep with him get some pleasure and satisfaction with no string attach and no commitment at all.

Clue #1
He shares his food with you.
You can find a man who rather shares his food with his dog instead of you (even then not from the same plate)? But for most of the hungry and big appetite man, they won’t share with you. If a man willing to share his food with you, it is one of the big step in the direction of permanent coupledom.

Clue # 2
He calls you “Baby”
Have ever give a “pet name” to your beloved one?
Once he’s adopted a cute nickname for you that you approve of, and calls you by it no matter what company you’re in, you can rest assured that he is expressing his claim over you. The names can range from “bunny”, “teddy”, “hippo” to “baby”, from “Lola”, “busuk” to “Sayang”.. it doesn’t matter. It’s only between you and him special nick. If he made it up and no one else uses it, then it has his stamp of exclusively, and he is reserving the right to be able to call you by a special pet name! and when it comes to love, exclusively is always good.
P/S: Dear dear & Darling are already “outdated”…:P

Clue #3
He calls you for no reason
Received unexpected calls from him again and again?
If he calls you more than twice in a day with nothing specific to say to you, there is a very good chance he is fancy / in love with you… *make a wild guess???*
Simply because would never do such a thing under ordinary circumstances. *Call you for sure with his intention*
Calling to ask “how your day has been” is reason enough for you to start celebrating. *but take it easy and slow, don’t get wrong msg yeah..:P*
He’s in love with you… *may add on some spices into your life with his sparks*
He just doesn’t know it yet.
Men see the telephone as a communication tool for relaying facts and information to other people.
A woman sees it as a means of bonding. She can spend 2 weeks on vacation with her girl friend and when she returns home, telephone the same girl friend and talk for another 2 hours.
When you have nothing to do, just buzz someone that you miss ya…:P
Do you know that a simple “HELLO” can be a sweet one?
(H)ow r u?
(E)verything alright?
(L)ike 2 hear from u!
(L)ove 2 see u soon!
(O)bviously I miss u!
So don’t be shy to say HELLO! be continuous..


suave22 said...

reading this just made my day, i just realise my BF love me...very very much.

Seng :P said...

oh.. learnt to tricks to cheat more gals. :P wahahaha....