Monday, September 12, 2005


Few days ago I went to get my microphone for my laptop since I’ve thrown all my pc microphone few months ago during shifted house period, what a waste! Because I think since I don’t really need it and it’s bit old so I just trashed them away! Sigh…now I have to waste money again to look for one. That day I leave office kinda early at 530pm, I went to Popular bookshop..didnt get what I want..lousy design…end up bought one from Jaya Jusco which I fancied most..simple, small and handy one..didn’t hesitate and bought it straight away! Upon settling the payment, just realized that I lost my Jcard! Gosh! Wondering where’s card gone?? Aw…need go home and dig and search high & low again.. L At night I was testing the mic, luckily grabbed Gary to help me tested it when he was online at the same time. It was so clear! Hurray! Finally I manage to chat with no worry!

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