Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My gifts

Through out all my life, i been received many gifts...all are special and precious one..
Thus, i would like to share part of them here. All these gifts are given by my friends and from all around the world. I was so touching to receive all these precious one..coz whenever my frenz go at least he/ she still remember me existing in this world. The soft toys (lion, puppy) and diamond ring were given by my late boyfriend, he gave me lots of things that really memorable one in my life! Some all the way courier frm USA while he was there, majority are surprise gifts to me. Kolar bear was given by my college god sister while she went Aussie trip.(i wish to find her back again). NewYork chocolate apple was given by John (my colleague) that he went to Cornell Uni for his study. Purple crystal butterfly was given by my current boss while he went to Indonesia biz trip. Crystal tree also given frm him too (from Myanmar). Soft beanie clock was from Chef Joseph for one of my Christmas gift! Small leather purse was from Lynne when she back from Aussie trip. Keychain was given by my Ex boss. Look at the cute little round box here with blue dot doties..was made from orange peel skin, given by Chef Massimo while he went for Mediterranean sea country trip. Mickeymouse thingy was from Disneyland, Florida (from my moomoo). Fluffy Garfield mobile cover from my cousin (liangming) bought from S'pore. Still remember the music box was given by one of my ex colleague when i was 20 yrs old working with her for 3 mths.. a nice and petite malay lady. Oh yeah..look at this small little blue dangling ear ring, it was from Thailand!Given by cutie Angela. :) She also gave me pinkish bikini and cutie monkey tube top from Hongkong! Pls pay attention on the red thingy shoe.. it was handmade leather shoe, all the way from Pakistan! and the nicely done bangles and ear rings all frm Pakistan too, given by my boss's wife. She's a sweet lady! All of them and those gifts make me feel so warm in my heart, i knew they are care for me and love me as who i am. A bunch of nice frienz make the world become so beautiful!

Well, i really appreciate and truly treasure what i'm having now, eventhough human's desire always beyond the control and ask for more...(non stop demanding) But i know the most precious thing i have is my soul that given by my beloved parents! Hence, i need to love myself moer and take good care of myself, eventhough life is so fragile and unpredictable. Enjoy the life to the the maximum, no shit! no regret! Thanks for everyone being so nice to me in my life...i unable to count on all of you here... I hope one day you will understand..

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