Saturday, March 03, 2007

Something i cooked!

Last nite back home bit late, was starving at home. No choice, dig in the kitchen see what i can cook for my hungry stomach??!!
Found this instant noodle which i bought from Jaya Jusco (recommended by Mav), boiled the water and cook the noodle. Well, i craved for kimchi..thus added some kimchi onto the noodle. Voila! my slurpy dinner was done! While i was enjoying my korean drama show and chewing the noodle, one unexpected caller called up, potong steam! i've to stop eating and talked crap for while. Sigh...want you to call, but you don bother to call, wish not to hear from you, you call at the wrong timing. Anyway, i wouldn't comment much, deep down i know the moment of truth.

Big packet of noodle, chicken teriyaki flavour

my favourite kim chi

Voila! My slurpy noodle

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