Monday, March 19, 2007

Cook out session ~Makan-makan~ Slurpy~Yummy~

2 weeks ago, we had an utterly fun cook out session at my place. Bunch of friends came over my place to cook, to laugh, to eat, to mess up my place up side down. ^o^
One day before the cook out session, Stacy, Gary & I went Carfour did our grocery shopping and can pre-prepare the mis-en-place. But again, some of the items we can't get from Carefour, on the cook out day itself Maverick and I went Tesco again for 'small' grocery shopping.
The cook out session consists of me, Stacy, Gary, Sylvia, Maverick, Shaz, Sammie, Andrew, Benghan & Kopi. Stacy presented her yummy dishes.. stew chicken cubes with vegetables, potato & fruits salad, so big portion! :P
We had the great pleasure to try out Shaz's cooking, he brought a picnic basket with all ingredients he needed, he even came with his personal cooking pan. :P He proudly presented his pasta with beef bolognese. I tell it's marvelous!! Sylvia meimei gave a hand to cook the pasta, it was so fun! Master chef, Shaz guided her how to cook pasta. :P
The cook out session, we had plenty of food to try out. Eveyone were bloated, food not even finish all. OMG! We had vegetarian prawn roll, vegetarian yam roll, vegetable samosa, pasta beef bolognese, vegetable tempura, lamb chop, chicken wing, terriyaki chicken,potato fruits salad, chicken stew, prawn tempura and apple danish!!!
After cook out and eating session, of coz we barely stop ourself for camwhore session!
Thanks to everyone of you came over for makan-makan session and gave a great help to me. This cook out cost us RM19.60nett per person. ^o^
Sylvia, Jo & Sammie
Group picture!!
(L-R)Gary, Kopi, Stacy,Benghan, Jo, Maverick, Sylvia, Andrew & Sammie

We snap again!!
Wee..tweety bird style! Thanz BH for this idea. :P
OMG! Stitch!!
Sylvia was in cooking action!!
Notty girl was digging my fridge for chocolate..:P
My buddy, Stacy!!
Dun run!! Notty Kopi, let me kick your ass!!
Aiyo, why kopi wan to hit maverick oh?
Master Chef, Shaz with his yummilicious pasta!
Ultra man!!! trying out eye mask! :P
Deep fried vegetarian yam roll
Jo in cooking action
terriyaki chicken
potato fruits salad
Let cut the rolls!
Yam roll
Vegetables tempura
Vegetables samosas
Vegetarian prawn roll
chicken stew
Apple danish!! SLURP~~~!!

Delicious chicken wing!!
Prawn tempura

pasta ~~Slurpy~~

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