Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Tony!!

Gary,Stacy,Sylvia,Jo,Jack,Tony (behindrow)
Jason, Maverick & Shaz (front row)

Bunch of us went to Zipangu (which is an awarded japanese restaurant) for buffet lunch @ Shangri-La with in conjunction of Tony's birthday on 17th March. We were throwing a little surprise birthday celebration for Tony!! To wow his sock off!Guess he must be bit touched. :P
We had the privilege to have 50% off with special arrangement by Irene, we threw a surprise birthday cake for Tony!! The yummilicious mango mousse cake was courtesy complimentary from SLKL. Thanks Irene for that!!
On the day itself, 10 of us arrived staggeringly... Irene, Me, Tony, Maverick, Gary, Stacy, Jason, Jack, Sylvia & Shaz. Too bad Benghan can't make it due to his busy working schedule to Sarawak, so BH please don't hate me lar...for 'abandon' you from yummy food loh...Who else? oh yeah..Mikel last minute can't make it as well.
It was my 2nd time to Zipangu, 1st time i visited for a la carte menu, this time i manage to try out the delicious and variety buffet. OMG! It's killing me softly!! I was bloated badly and munching non stop. I still need some times to digest all the food, been spoilt with variety of choice!!! Some of the food i not even try it out and 'fit' into my stomach. Aww......-____-
We had a great time together, zi zi zam zam plus camwhore session. Irene was wondering why my gang all love photo snapping together, running around snapped non-stop and laughing together. I told her that we love to snap at what we've eaten then we will blog about it. Aiks..blogger's bad habit is like that..what to do? god please help bit...:P
She told me the chef doesn't like people snap on his food, so we have to 'curi-curi' snap bit. :P
After Luncheon, some of them were leaving to another appointment, few of us went to Time Square met up Christopher who ages we didn't catch up together.
It's absolutely FUN times we had together.....
Once again, Happy Birthday to Tony!

All of us @ Table (semi private space)
Zipangu entrance
Cutey mei mei~ Sylvia & Jo ~
@ Wine cellar
Macho Shaz
Jason, Jo, Sylvia, Stacy & Gary @ Shang Palace entrance
Just 3 of us!! Girls' power!
OMG! Stich with red pillar @ Shang Palace :P
Gigantic lovely cherry
Birthday Boy!! Tony!!
Maki ~sushi roll~
Freshly serve~ Oyster~
White fish with spicy soup in claypot
Unagi!! beef stew, garlic rice, fish cake, california roll ~ slurp~
Seafood!! mussel, prawn & oyster
Delicious desserts!!
Steamy hot prawn tempura!
Edamami, sashimi, butterfish & maguru
Yummilicious strawberry & green tea ice cream
I love sashimi!!!

Chefs in action!!
Vege tempura
Appetizer counter
chawan mushi with sharkfin!!
Killing me softly with strawberries!

More unagi please!
Bunch of us with birthday boy!

Jason, Jo, Stacy & Maverick @ Main Lobby
Jason, Jo, Gary & Maverick

Let's go home!! *burp*
Everybody look here!
Yummy food! Slurp~

We snapped again!
Ladies & gentleman...
Jo,Sylvia, Stacy, Shaz & Jack @ Shang Palace
Cheese!!! Cheers for our friendship!
Posing @ staircase
Christopher & Jo @ Time Square
*Chiack*~~~ @ Time Square
Jo & Tony @ Zipangu wine cellar

Don't move! I 'karate' you with my kung fu!!:p

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