Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chap Goh Meh!!

The Entrance of the Unique Fisherman restaurant, Cheras
so crowded, full house
Giant crab
Long pan fish, giant fish
The Unique Fisherman Restaurant's tissue
crabbies....local crabs

Jumping prawns swimming around
Fancy an oyster?
Stupid ugly fish
soon hock fish...very lasy fish
the cheapest fish...pompfret & talapia RM56/kg

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year, we called it as Chap Goh Meh!
Few days ago, Lynne sms me to invite me to join her for chap goh meh's dinner with Mary, Nora, Wei Mun & Lai Yong. Wah! all sista gang! we used to catch up once a month, this month we catch twice! absolute excited coz can eat, laugh and gossiping together.
Emily gave us a surprise that she is back for good here, 24 hrs resigned from a prestige company and rushed back home. Told me she need a life ,oh man! We all so happy to welcome her back to KL!! She told us finally she make up her mind to broke up with her beau for 8 yrs together, OMG! such a painfulness decision. Anyway, cross fingers wish you all the best, Emily, you will deserve a better man!
Lynne reserved a table at Unique Fisherman @ cheras, we reached there by 6pm. After a long journey she picked up all of us one by one from different location. From Puchong to Sri petaling, then OUG then Taman Desa, finally end up at Cheras. The restaurant is packed by crowd, so early already fully booked, OMG!
We sat down, glance thru the menu...picked whatever we want to eat.. We had Yee San (for low san) for sake of prosperity & fun, steamed talapia fish with black bean sauce, seafood beancuard with XO sauce, Stir fried HK Kailan with anchovies, Butter prawn, Salted egg crab & Honey spare rib. I tell you... the food is extremely FRESH!! prawn is so springy once you chew it...crab meat is tender bite...Look at the kai lan..on top the shredded vege we thought is seaweed, actually is kailan leave. The food is Fresh & YUMMILICIOUS!! Total bill end up RM262, consider value for money, each of us paid RM44. After dinner, we went second round for dessert, too bad 'kei tak sek' was closed, end up we went to 'Hua tuo guang' chinese herbal shop for 'guai len gou' herbal jelly, i had 'lohan' jelly, kinda nice. :) I was terribly bloated for whole night!! ~ burp~

My yee san portion
After lou san...all in the mess..ahhaha
honey spare rib
seafood beancurd with XO sauce in claypot
Steamed talapia fish with black bean sauce, guarantee FRESH!
Stir fried kai lan with anchovies
Butter prawns
Lohan jelly
Salted egg crab

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