Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The 5 Reasons Why I Blog

I have been tagged by Violet for this meme. Kinda surprised that she tagged me...Thanks for that. ^-^

The 5 Reasons Why I Blog

The best in life is are shared: When i was young, i love to write (all in mandarin), till i grow up and learn how to do a blog thru a netfriend who is 1st 'guru' to teach me and intro me the fun of blogging! He shared with me his blog and urge me to have one. Blogging is a good way to share my feeling, everything crosses in my life path whether is happy or unhappy which is worth to share. From what i saw, what i read, what i observed, how i feel....all i can give a vent to my feelings in an online journal.

Develop Friendship: From blogsphere, i've make some friends who enjoy my writting and i love to read their blog at the same times. The friendship is blossoming tremendously. It's quite fun & interesting to get to know different kind of person in blogsphere.

Memoir: As i know i've very limited 'memory space', hence i need to write down piece and pieces things are happening around in order to be remembered one day i flip back the journal. To remind me what have been done in my life.

To kill times: When i've times i love to spend some moments to do blog, it could be a 'commitment' to my blog. At the same times, i can release my stress...

Learning Process: Never stop learning till you get older. I love to learn something new everyday if possible. From blogging, I've learned some tips here and there from blog's friends who willing to share and assist me. I'm grateful to have 'em in my life to help me to learn and grow become a better person.

And now, time to tag… I tag Coffee, Grace, Jae , Mikel and Lu Jee

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BaBy JeE said...

hehe... I like to blog because I know you like to READ...hahahaha.... and i know u love me one... kekekekke