Saturday, March 10, 2007

Congratulations on your wedding day!

Today i woke up early get myself ready go for Zulyda's wedding day!! Finally she is tying up the knot with her beloved one after almost 11 yrs long run relationship. Her hubby is her first love, wow! Amazing huh?!! Wondering they keep such a long run relationship and maintain it till getting marry. Envy loh...

This is my 1st time to attend Malay's wedding ceremony, don't ask me what are do's and don't.. I've no clue about it, i just bought a gift set for her. I hope she will love it, coz everything in pink which is her favourite colour.

Back to college time, i knew her since my 1st yr in college, she is one of the friend i closed with in class, eventhough she is a malay girl yet she is modern and bubbly. We always sat together, studied together, lunch together, shopping and gossiping together. Time flies, we all getting older, but i'm grateful that have her in my life and we still maintain our friendship ever after. She is so lovely girl who always buzz me when i needed and cheer me up with her sms.

By 12noon i've arrived Lyda's place, wow...after one year her new house been built up, a double storey bungaloo..huge place!! Faster found a space to pack my baby car first and walked up to her house. It was so packed & crowded, imagine with 6 canopies with white and pink theme, lunch was served, lots of people were busy eating, mind you there's a live band performance too. I saw the entrance with pink flower arch and few VIP tables setup at the garden corner. I just dropped hi to her sista and faster pop in Lyda's room, OMG! she still sat there let her stylist doing her make up and hair. I thought i was late, hahaha...we just 'salam' bit and sat aside observed how her stylist did her hair. Then i helped her to put up her traditional Malay wedding gown, wow! in pink colour too!! She looks so gorgeous!! She let me to visit her new wed's room, all in pinkish colour.. with nice furnishing deco.

Before her hubby reach her place, i faster went downstair pinched some food to stuff my hungry stomach and drank some water. I guess there were 500 people over attend her wedding ceremony, people came and go. Thanz god that i was not the only chinese attent her wedding, coz last time i was the only chinese attend her engagement ceremony. Laugh out loud! Once i've done my quick lunch, i heard 'gombak' sound hit up from the road side, oh yeah..her hubby was on the way here. Camera & video camwhore session was start, snap snap..flash flash.... The new wed couple slowly walk into the house, to be seated on their wedding chairs. Then friends and relatives can go up to bless them, sprinkles some herbs, rice and water on the couples' palm then 'salam'. After that we will received a stalk of flower with egg. The goody was so 'cute'!

After 'salam' thingy finished, the groom & bride lunch was served and then go for cake cutting ceremony. I sat there enjoyed my teh tarik & some kuih. I tell you it was so HOT, sweat like hell!! eventhough i sat under the fan, walked here & there. I wish i can hide under the air-con, but it was too crowded, the air con doesnt work well. I accompanied her till 4pm before i made a move to another appointment.

I am so happy that she's married!!! Wish her happy together with her beloved one.
Once again, Congratulations!!

The lovely couple!!

VIP table setup with dome
Wedding flower arch @ entrance
Wedding cake
Nicely setup for the new wed couple
Pinkish new wed room ^-^
It's me with kebaya!! @ Lyda's pinkish room
The 'cute' flower & egg goody give away
Beautiful bride~ Zulyda~ huggies!
Romantic pinkish corner

Staircase decorated with flowers.

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