Monday, March 12, 2007

Taiwanese stone steamboat!!

I posted up some picture in Multiply about Yuen's steamboat quite sometimes ago, i just realized that someone actually viewed it and left me a msg to recommend me to try this steamboat out!!
Well, i've tried this taiwanese style steamboat before, i guess it was one year ago while i visited one of my friend who stays in Tmn Desa, she brought me there. She strongly recommented me MUST GIVE A GO and try it!!
This steamboat outlet serves set menu and a la carte. Can opt for individual set or couple set or add on a la carte item. You can have choice of pork, seafood, beef, lamb or fish. The most impressive part was i can have my own individual stove with black stone pot for steamboat. The boss will stir fried your meat till half cook in front of you, then will give you a pot of clear soup with a dash of vinegar. The fun part was i can mixed my own dip sauce at their side statio, the steps are simple, just follow step by step as per their signage which sticked on the wall. Add this first then add that later on then you stir mixed all. Voila! your DIY sauce is done!!
If you are lovey dovey couple, you can choose for couple stone pot for sharing. ^-^ The table design just nice and simple for two or four pax, or you prefer go to stool sit type of table design (similar like bar table). The choice is yours!!

STEAMBOAT LOVER'S? if YES, this is a nice place for u .. come alone or in group can also..

What so special?




No.6, Plaza Danau 2,
Jln 5/109F,
Taman Danau Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Monday - Friday (5pm to 10.15pm) & Saturday & Sunday (12.00pm to 10.15pm)

03-7982 2772

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i really love this pic

Ppl say thai sauce is spicy, is it?